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Ethical code

Ethical code

3.1 Premise

The activity of CR TUBI srl basically consists in the processing of the tube, assembly of taps and all related instrumental activities.

CR TUBI is a company with a decade of experience and its owner and founder, as well as sole director, RINO CARROCCIO, intends to adopt an ethical code in order to spread a culture of legality and safety in the company for its employees, partners, suppliers and all stakeholders.

To pursue its corporate mission, CR TUBI srl operates in absolute respect of the laws and principles of loyalty, correctness, integrity and honesty that have always characterized its action.

To this end, it is not only fair but also a duty to have a Code of Conduct which explicitly identifies and identifies the ethical principles to which the Company bases the exercise of its activity in internal and especially external relations.

To ensure compliance with the Code of Ethics, CR TUBI srl has set up a specific Supervisory Body within it and any violations will be sanctioned with the application of the disciplinary measures set out in the Organization, management and control model adopted by the sole administrator.

Any variation and / or integration of the Code of Ethics will be decided in advance by the Sole Administrator.

3.2 Nature and objectives of the Code of Ethics

The Code of Conduct is a public declaration of CR TUBI SRL which identifies the general principles and rules of conduct which are recognized as having positive ethical value.

As an application element of the provisions of article 6 of Legislative Decree 231/2001, the aforementioned Code supplements the regulatory framework to which the Company is subject.

It also constitutes a tool with which the Company, in carrying out its mission, undertakes to contribute, in accordance with the laws and principles of loyalty and fairness, to the socio-economic development of its territory by employing workers mainly linked to the local territory. where the company is located.

This Code is intended to ethically guide the Company’s action, and its provisions are consequently binding for the conduct of all the Directors of the company, its managers, employees, consultants and anyone who establishes it, for any reason , a collaborative relationship.

3.3 Recipients of the Code of Ethics

They are divided into “obligated” recipients and therefore punishable in case of violation and “not obliged” recipients.

The Directors of the Code, and as such obliged to observe the principles contained therein, are Directors, Statutory Auditors, Shareholders, employees, managers, collaborators as well as any person exercising the management and control of CR TUBI srl, regardless of the legal-formal qualification.

All the collaborators who maintain an employment relationship for any reason, even occasional with CR TUBI srl, suppliers, consultants and anyone who carries out activities in the name and on behalf of CR TUBI srl or under the control of the same are also obliged recipients of the Code.

Non-obligated and therefore not sanctioned recipients for violation of the provisions of the Code are: the suppliers, the consultants when they do not carry out activities in the name or on its behalf, as well as the beneficiaries of the initiatives of CR TUBI srl and all the stakeholders in the against it.

3.4 General principles of behavior

CR TUBI srl conducts its activities with integrity, fairness and professionalism in order to pursue the statutory purposes and the realization of its corporate mission.

Avoid any conduct that may facilitate or raise the suspicion of the commission of any type of offense by undermining the trust, transparency or tranquility of the work environment and the economic context in which it operates. All subjects related to CR TUBI srl must demonstrate moral integrity in the actions taken on behalf of the same.

3.5 Gifts, giveaways and benefits

The employee cannot ask, for himself or for others, gifts or other utilities, nor accept the latter, except for those of moderate value or in accordance with normal commercial and courtesy practices, by anyone who has drawn or who in any case can benefit from the company’s business.

The employee will also not be able to offer gifts or other utilities to all those from whom he can acquire favorable treatments in the conduct of any activity that can be connected to the company.

Illegal benefits cannot be attributed to customers or public or private suppliers.